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Aazaad Federation

Aazaad Federation is an international trust established by one of the most eminent female personalities of India Kamini Dube for a purpose relating to the development of Art and culture through all kinds of Cinematic creations by Sanatani, Visionary thinker, Philosopher, military school alumnusfirst nationalist megastar of India and International brand ambassador of Sanskrit & Telugu, Megastar Aazaad. Another aim of Aazaad federation is to research and treat incurable diseases and bring forward the most ancient sports of the World.

The ultimate charitable mission and core intention of Aazaad Federation is to project, promote and protect the works of researcher, thinker, philosopher, military school alumnus and sanatani nationalist Megastar AazaadMegastar Aazaad's vision is to unite the whole world and establish the purity of Art, ancient culture, knowledge and wisdom through cinematic creation which will serve mankind as the forgotten life energy. 

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