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Bombay Talkies Facebook Got Hacked | Biggest Film Company Of Asia | The Bombay Talkies Studios

The Bombay Talkies Studios commonly known as Bombay Talkies Is The Biggest Film Company Of Asia founded By The Pillar Of Indian Cinema Rajnarayan Dube, son of business tycoon Seth Badriprasad Dube Along with Himanshu Rai & Devika Rani in 1934.

This Page "THE BOMBAY TALKIES STUDIOS" got hacked.

The Biggest Film Company Of Asia Bombay Talkies has Produced & Processed 450 Movies, Distributed 261 Movies, Introduced more than 280 artists & technician, Build 400 cinema Hall & Financed more than 700 films in Indian cinema from the period of 1934 to 1954. No company has ever reached the work done by Bombay Talkies till date.

"Bombay Talkies" has produced films like 'Achut Kanya', ‘Karma’, 'Jeevan Naiya', 'Bandhan', 'Kangan', 'Mahal', 'Basant', 'Jhoola', 'Karma', 'Neelkamal', 'Ziddi', 'Andolan', and others. Film 'Kismet', which is termed as the most successful and mega hit film of Indian cinema ran for more than 3 years in almost every cinema hall, was also produced by Bombay Talkies.

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