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Megastar Maharishi Aazaad Finds Inspiration and Joy in Every Visit to Gorakhpur | Sanskrit Mahanayak | Rashtraputra | Aham Brahmasmi | Bombay Talkies | India Channel | India Music | India

Maharishi Aazaad Finds Inspiration and Joy in Every Visit to Gorakhpur

Megastar Maharishi Aazaad

Maharishi Aazaad, the celebrated filmmaker and cultural ambassador, has often expressed his deep affection for the city of Gorakhpur. Each visit to this vibrant locale fills him with inspiration, serving as a refreshing escape from his busy life.

"Every time I come to Gorakhpur, it feels like a breath of fresh air," says Maharishi Aazaad. "The warmth and love I receive from the people here make my heart swell with happiness."

For Aazaad, Gorakhpur is more than just a destination; it is a source of rejuvenation and creativity. The city's rich cultural heritage and the genuine affection of its residents have a profound impact on him.

Sanksrit Mahanayak Maharishi Aazaad

The Ultimate Megastar Of The World, International Ambassador Of Sanskrit & Sanskrit Mahanayak is the only filmmaker in the World who is making movies in multiple languages in the world with a noble purpose to unite the whole world through Art, culture, literature & cinematic creation with his cinematic talent.

संस्कृतं विश्वस्य सर्वोत्तमा सम्पूर्णा च भाषास्ति, महर्षि आजादः!

संस्कृत विश्व की सर्वोत्तम व संपूर्ण भाषा है, महर्षि आज़ाद !


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