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Maharishi Aazaad says ‘couple challenge’ on Facebook can cause morphing of Pictures

Sanskrit Mahanayak, International Ambassador Of Sanskrit, Maharishi Aazaad recommends people should stop posting pictures with there better-halfs , to protect themselves from morphing.

Police has issued a poster on Twitter account, issuing a warning.

Couple challenge is trending on social media these days. Users are sharing pictures of their better half on Facebook. This challenge started a few days ago has become very popular. Meanwhile, Pune police has issued a warning regarding this online campaign.

The Pune Police has asked that Couple think several times before putting pictures on social media. Antisocial people can morph these pictures and use it for porn and other cyber crime. According to an unconfirmed figure, more than 2 million people have joined the challenge so far.

While sharing a poster on his Twitter, the Pune police wrote, 'Think twice before posting your partner's picture. If you are not cautious, then a 'cute' challenge may prove to be wrong for you. Another poster has also been shared with this message, it reads, 'Couple Challenge is trending on social media again. Just for awareness - these pictures can be used for moffing, revenge, porn, and cybercrime. '

Opposition to this couple challenge also continues,

however, it is not clear who has started this challenge. But it has been trending a lot for the last few days. Many people are also sharing romantic photos with their partners in social media. Those who do not like this challenge and they are taking out their fierce anger on social media.Sanskrit Mahanayak, International Ambassador Of Sanskrit, Maharishi Aazaad comments on this topics that people should not share the pictures of there wives, girlfriends as in future it can cause morphing issue. Rather than regretting its better to be precautious and not post or share any personal pictures on social handles with his\ her partner.

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