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Megastar Aazaad reached Chennai from London to create history with his Tamil mega-movie Mahanayakan

Megastar Aazaad expands and extends his creative arena to Tamil Nadu.

International brand ambassador of Sanskrit, Megastar Aazaad creates his first Tamil mega-movie Mahanayakan ( மகா நாயகன் ), to protect and promote and to pay respect to the ancient classical language Tamil worldwide.

Aazaad 's Devbhasha Sanskrit mainstream film Aham Brahmasmi proved to be the first event in world film history. Through nationalist and thought-provoking films like Rashtraputra, Megastar Aazaad has demonstrated his versatility. The world audience witnessed a grand performance of his classic cinematic creation Rashtraputra at the world-famous 72nd Cannes Film Festival held in France.

On February 5, 2020, Megastar Aazaad left for London to spread Sanskrit and Indianism worldwide through his master creation Aham Brahmasmi and The Great Patriot. After announcing Aham Brahmasmi and The Great Patriot and Internationally, Now Megastar Aazaad reached Tamil Nadu with his historical creation and the First Tamil mega movie Mahanayakan in the Tamil language intending to connect north and south of India on the level of cinematic culture which is soon going to be released.

Megastar Aazaad says in a loud and clear manner with his characteristic baritone that he is here to fill the gap, distance, and difference of culture. He has a noble purpose to unite the north and south part of India with his cinematic talent. The cinema lovers of India Have only one religion, caste or creed i.e. cinema. Aazaad says, "I made Mahanayakan to create a cinematic Dharma for all."

Filmmaker Megastar Aazaad is ready with his timeless creation Mahanayakan ( மகா நாயகன் ) to be released in Tamil language worldwide. The film is Written, Directed and Edited by Megastar Aazaad.

Tamil Mega Movie Mahanayakan is produced by Legendary Film Company The Bombay Talkies Studios, the Most eminent female personality of India, Kamini Dube and Aazaad Federation. Megastar Aazaad has created this cinematic extravaganza Mahanayakan ( மகா நாயகன் ) in Tamil to salute and pay respect to the enthusiastic and enlightened cine lovers of south India.


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