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Such a caring therapist has Sadhuwaad, Megastar Aazaad

A person is seen writing something on a small piece of paper, wearing simple clothes as seen in the photo, # # Dr. Shankar Gowda MB of #Madua district of Karnataka. B. s. M. D.

He do not have his own chamber. It states that "It will take three lakh to four lakhs to build a chamber which he do not have. He has his own house in a village far away from his city where there are two small rooms, he tells that his patients couldn't come so far that he himself reaches the city at 8:00 am and sits on the wall of a fast food restaurant and see #poor patients. Every day, more than 100 patients come to him, he does this tests and prescribe them cheap #generic medicines, so that the patients are not burdened financially.The most interesting thing about this doctor is that he takes only 5 rupees from the patients as Charges. Yes, you read it right, only 5 rupees.

In this modern era, a MBBS MD doctor charging just 5 rupees as fee is really a tribute to this act and service.

With such people #India will become World Guru

#Jai Hind

# Hope wins ... # free

I salute all the doctors, the warriors of Corona, the hospital and the hospital staff who are trying to save the entire mankind of the world with selflessness.

#आज़ाद #Aazaad #DrMoonje

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