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The foundation of every medical science in the world is #Ayurveda, #Megastar Aazaad

#Sanskrit Mahanayak, International Brand Ambassadorof Sanskrit, Latin & Ayurveda #Megastar Aazaad,who awakened, elevated, revived and restored the entire Sanatan world with proclamation of Aham Brahmasmi, said that the cause behind end of Ayurveda is that the Ayurveda was not promoted, disseminated by #Gyanis and the information of researches and important herbs or how to adulterate it in quantity is not disclosed publicly. Some people used to mix their medicines in a very secretive and secret manner, even today some people do it.

#Aazaadsaid that it doesn’t matter that Ramdev Baba loses or wins, but the ancient Indian culture and Ayurveda shouldn't lose. Ramdev Baba is only a medium, but Ayurveda is the world's #Astronic science. The misfortune of Ayurveda has been that it has been misused for business since time immemorial. The root cause of this has also been that those people who had knowledge of Ayurveda in different ages used Ayurveda as a tool and focused more on the benefits of Ayurveda, that too for themselves.

Aazaad said on the researches that the foundation of Ayurveda is preceded by #Charak, #Chyavan and #Sushruta # Rishis who performed the first operation of the world, from time to time, the great sages continued to research and amend it according to the immediate needs of the people. The protection that this world-wide science needed did not get it over time.

Aazaad expressed displeasure over this, that the great sage #Vaidya kept its publicity, its herbs and researches extremely personal. He taught the same disciples who served him physically, such as working in the fields and barns of the vaidyas, serving cows, doing other important household chores etc. Normally, no saint Mahatma and Vaidyaks, except a few people, spread it all-round and this is the root cause of the elimination of Ayurveda or to say that it is weak.

#Aazaad said that Ayurveda is not just a science, but a # lifestyle, which every person in the world can adopt and stay healthy.

# Aazaad

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